Results and performance

At EBN Academy we measure students achievement in a number of different ways including attendance, progress, achievement, engagement and progression. Achievement measures for the Academic year 2019-20 have been affected by the nationally enforced school closures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.




At EBN Academy we aim to ensure that all students receive a full-time education which maximises opportunities for each student to realise his/her true potential and we work with students and their families to ensure high levels of attendance so no further loss to learning is introduced in to the journey of any child. For the Academic Year 2019-20, until March 2020, when the school closed for the majority of students due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the average attendance of students on admission was 72%.  Through the continued drive and focus on improving Attendance this has risen by 5% to 77%.




We are committed to improving every child’s mastery of English and Math’s and strive for every student to make accelerated progress from their starting points in the core subjects in order to bring them back on track. Progress for individual and groups of students is relative to the length of time they have attended the Academy. For the Academic Year 2019-20, until March 2020, data showed that 38% of students were making good or better progress in Math’s and 55% of students were making good or better progress in English.  At this point in the school year 65% of students had been at the Academy for less than 2 terms.




Our mission is to ensure that every child leaving us at the end of Key Stage 4 will achieve the same academic outcomes as they would if they were attending an outstanding mainstream school. The curriculum offer is broad and balanced to enable this alongside a forensic focus on achievement in English and Math’s. In summer 2020, based on teachers assessed C.A.G’s the outcomes for pupils were:

21% achieved 5L9-4 including English and Maths (6 students out of 28)

93% achieved 5L 9-1 including English and Math’s (26 learners out of 28)

100% achieved 1A*-G (28 learners out of 28).


In summer 2019 the outcomes for pupils were:

3% achieved 5L9-4 including English and Math’s (1 learners out of 34)

59% achieved 5L9-1 including English and Math’s (20 learners out of 34)

91% 1 achieved L9-1 (31 Learners out of 34).




We believe in the potential of every child and the importance of the having a “Growth Mindset”. The building of positive relationships between peers, teachers and parents is central to this and the ongoing work of the Academy. We work within a culture of high expectations, challenge, stretch and safety. 100% of students say they feel safe at EBN Academy. 100% of parents say their child feels safe and are happy with the COVID-19 systems and processes in place.


“My son attended EBN Academy for 2 years. When he first started the school he had no interest in attending school and seemed to have given up on any sort of education. Since starting at EBN he has gone from strength to strength. All the staff and teachers were supportive and he has now finished school with 7 GCSE’s. I will be eternally grateful to the school for everything they have done for all the students”




All students at the academy receive detailed advice to support them in their career path choices at the end of Key Stage 4. This coupled with the focus on ensuring the best possible outcomes for all students’ means that students leave the Academy equipped for the next stage of education, employment or training. Following the summer of 2020 100% of students had secured a college placement, apprenticeship, sixth form place, work placed learning placement or employment opportunity