EBN Year 10

Following extended closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak EBN1 and 2 sites will be re-opening to small groups of Year 10 students from Monday 15th June 2020. We are also open for students who are classed as vulnerable and those who have parents who are classed as key workers. To ensure we have appropriate staffing levels we have asked that parents/carers of students in these categories confirm whether their child will be attending school from Monday 15th June. Where parents/carers have confirmed this we have agreed days and times for students to attend. They will be expected to attend in uniform. If any student arrives at school without a parent/carer confirming their attendance they will not be permitted onsite. We will continue to contact parents/carers on a weekly basis to confirm their child’s attendance for the following week. Further information on the re-opening can be found in the parents section of this website

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