Geography is the study of the world we live in and the interactions between people and the environment.  Through their study of Geography, students will study key issues in the world which have an impact of people both now and into the future such as climate change, Brexit, globalisation, natural resources and global development.

Geography is an important subject because it teaches us about the world around us and what how humans impact on the planet, and how the planet impacts on humans.  Geography also allows us to explore past and present issues and use this information to prepare for the changes and issues we face in the future.

“Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future.  What could be more important than that.”  Michael Palin.

During the Geography course students will develop a range of skills they can take forward in to their studies in other subjects such as interpretation of maps, graphs and photographs, decision making and evaluation, amongst many others.

The course:

Students will study Edexcel GCSE Geography B course.

Students will sit 3 exam papers at the end of year 11.  The exams will consist of the following exam papers:

Paper 1 Global Geographical issues – 1GB0/01 ·         Hazardous Earth

·         Development Dynamics

·         Challenges of an urbanising world

1.5 hours
Paper 2 UK Geographical Issues – 1GB0/02 ·         Coastal Change and Conflict

·         River processes and pressures

·         The UK’s evolving human landscape

·         Geographical Investigations

1.5 hours
Paper 3 People and Environment issues – Making Geographical Decisions ·         People and the Biosphere

·         Forests under threat

·         Consuming energy resources

1.5 hours